Subject: That makes a lot of sense!
Posted on: 2022-07-09 21:24:15 UTC

And it would shift a lot of the drama from "bagging her" to "make sure she doesn't touch and burn any world outside hers". With just a bit of care and, of cours,e cross-checking each other's works, we can basically turn this into a big containment operation, which still has a lot of community effort potential, but ultimately we would pretty much avoid the big controversial topic entirely.

It woulkd become "Marcella is absolutely free to do what she does and be who she is - we have no grudge against her peronally (or after her author). But we'd like her to not hop around seducing and impregnating all the canon girls in the multiverse, thank you."

And, with the right disclaimers, we should be able to make it clear that it isn't a raid agaisnt one author we don't like, but that we thought the badfics themselves provided a good starting point for doign something a bit bigger than usual (while being, well, badfics).

In fact, I think that we can ultimately avoid the "dogpiling" aspect by... releasing only one story. Basically, those who are willing to tackle this choose a single one of these badfics to have one of their agent teams in. We roleplay/cowrite the big pre-mission meeting with, I dunno, the Board of Department Heads? In which the assignment is stated. (We have a problem with this character somehow propagating herself through the World Worlds. We have to banish her splinters back to her world before she seduces the whole multiverse.). The missions' scenes get alternated, to have the effect that the teams are working simultaneously, and then we have the big simultaneous exorcism at the end. Followed by whatever roleplayed wind-down, havign a drink at Rudy's, whatever we want to get the agent teams interact with each other a bit more.

It would be, in the end, just one mission, tackling a single Suvian (but it different world at once), without actually killing her or even judging character.

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