Subject: That's a valid concern! And a sad one, too.
Posted on: 2022-07-09 18:35:00 UTC

The portrayal of the relevant Suvian is not "trans girl has an adventure and finds love" but "fetishized portrayal of a girl who also has the Tab A so she goes around putting it in Slot Bs", but there's still unfortunately ground for an oblique accusation of transphoby for tackling a story that could be read as transphobic itself.

This is what makes this utter ridicolous, correct me if I'm mistaken (this is stuff I'm not really an expert in) but I don't think the relevant Suvian is actually even a transexual to begin with: she's stated as an hermafrodite, which implies she was, uhm, born with both the Tab A and the Slot B, and I assume also a set of Spheres C or equivalent somewhere considering she can impregnate. In particular I suspect she's a western example of the futanari fetish: female from the waist up, male (or at least with male parts on top of the female ones) from the waist down so the author and/or artist can have "girl on girl is hot" and "true sex is penetrative" together (and I think you can agree with me how wrong is it to enforce that second one, especially with non-het couples). A fetishization that, at least to me, is no worse than transphoby itself because, well, it does not care about actually writing a trans girl at all!

Pardon me the french, but they just put a dick on their pet wish fulfillment character so she could shoot loads inside other girls. The very fact one of the "canons" involved (the author of these fics is the only one who ever used the tag so I suspect it is something they made up) is apparently called "Innocent D**kgirls" shows it all, because, correct me if I'm wrong, I highly doubt a male-to-female transexual would normally be flattered by being called a "dickgirl".

Which, as I said, means we're walking on eggshells risking being called transphobes when in fact the badfic itself is the transphobic one, or at the very least not a story that cares about transexuality at all. It's ridicolous, and sad.

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