Subject: PPC Badfic Game
Posted on: 2011-07-04 16:48:00 UTC

Today I received an emaill* from an old friend of many people on this Board - the Admin at Fanfic Land. He** said this:

Greetings, loyal fans!

As you may have noticed last year, we had a certain amount of difficulty at Fanfic Land. Specifically, none of your marvellous pieces of PPC fanfiction were uploaded correctly... or, in fact, at all! There is a reason for this, and it's a good one.

Last year, you see, we suffered from a hostile takeover. I mean really hostile - soldiers from the Principality of Liechtenstein stormed our offices and took our staff hostage, mere minutes after I invited you all to come back to our site. They shot Roderick the tea-boy, and I think Arnold who ran our servers was sold into slavery in Monaco.

It has been a year, but I have finally managed to gain access to the internet again - aren't iphones wonderful? Most of our captors speak very little English (several only know the phrase "Ve haf vays ov makink you talk!"), but I have managed to ascertain that they believe our website to be a foolish frivolity which no-one would ever go to. They've even said that if we were popular, they wouldn't have done this (that, or they were discussing pizza).

And so I turn to you, loyal friends, my last and only hope. If the minions of Prince so-called Hans-Adam II see that the fandoms we serve are truly popular, perhaps - perhaps! - they will release us. And so I call upon you, fans of the PPC, to write like you have never writed before. I know you love this fandom - now prove it! Fanfiction is the greatest form of art in the world! Prove it!

~FfL Admin

... or in other words, it's time for the PPC Badfic Game 2011.

It's a simple game - we spend our time fighting against badfic, but the PPC too is a fandom, and fandoms have badfic. Since for some reason we don't have a section on, it's up to us to write our own.

Everyone on the Board is invited to take part - this game does not affect PPC canon, and therefore does not require Permission. The rules are simple - write badfic of the PPC. Use any agents or Flowers you like (with the usual exception of Stormsong and Skyfire - don't use them), and don't worry about keeping them in-character - this is badfic we're talking about. Make it a Mary-Sue, Bad Slash, Implausible Crossover - anything you want. Then post it in this thread under a suitably badfic-author-y name. (Note that this is for characters in the PPC, not Boarders - that's a different game).

You can (indeed, you're encouraged to) leave reviews of other people's stories - in character with your new name, naturally. Don't be afraid to flame - we're all badfic authors for this thread. Equally, don't be upset by someone flaming you - it's all part of the game (and go ahead and write a review or author's note in reply!). Remember this is not real - nothing said in-character reflects people's normal opinions of you.

For some examples of previous years' badfics, visit the PPC section of Fanfic Land. As the Admin said, there isn't anything from 2010 up - Liechtenstein rather got in the way - and there won't be anything from this year, either. Sorry, guys - but enjoy the game!

(If it's still going strong when it drops off the front page, we can start a new thread no problem)


*Like an email, except for not really existing

** /She/It/They/One/Ne/E/Ey/Hu/Hy/Ot/Yt/Thon/Ve/Xe/Ze/Zhe/En/Co/Phe/Per

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