Subject: My perspective
Posted on: 2020-05-25 01:53:25 UTC

I hate to say it, but, assuming we were to allow SRPA to remain a member of the community, which granted, is seeming unlikely at this point:

I think that the odds that he would repeat such behavior greatly outweigh the chances of him eventually learning from his past...actions. And, given the number of people negatively affected and/or hurt by those actions, I have to say, I think even that slim chance isn't worth the far more likely and immediate chance of him continuing to negatively impact other members of the community.

Now, I haven't been particularly hurt, myself, by SRPA's actions, beyond being somewhat put off and creeped out by some of the content he posted. However, as Helsinki put it during the aftermath: "I'm not affected as seriously as some other people are by content on the blacklist...But I do not enjoy my peers being brought unpleasantness and unhappy feelings."

So, in answer, I think the line is here and now, if we are willing as a community to draw it.

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