Subject: Motion seconded.
Posted on: 2020-05-25 21:34:59 UTC

I get the same sense doctorlit talked about that the rest of us and Random aren't quite on the same page, though how much of that is a language barrier I'm unable to say. And I try to believe the best of people, I really do. (Or at least assume they don't know rather than that they're malicious.)

But at this point, I just don't feel like Random has any real interest in actually changing his behavior. While he no longer puts half his posts in spoiler bars, that doesn't change that he doesn't seem to get what we want him to do after acknowledging that his latest offense was in fact an offense. Hells, we already banned him once before, at his own request (which honestly just makes it worse that he hasn't changed tbh) and he's still only made token efforts to improve. And the thing a few months ago where he kept going all "oh wow I started an argument, is this what's gonna get me kicked?" (some of y'all might know what I'm talking about; search the Discord backlog) and general "self-negging" (as BobbyCass put it) just annoys me, in hindsight.

I further agree with Nesh's addendum: that if, after the lockout (however long that ends up being), he still wishes to come back, one of the moderators should talk to him beforehand to see if he's actually letting the lesson stick this time. (Not super optimistic that that'll be the case, but again: I try to believe the best of people.)

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