Subject: I'd support a ban (also, coordinaiton problems?)
Posted on: 2020-05-25 21:36:16 UTC

As Delta put it, SRPA's not improving at any rate I'm comfortable with, and has been doing a pretty bad job of following the Constitution and otherwise not harming several people in the community.

I figure that the improvement we're looking for, if it happens, needs to not happen here, and given how many people he's made thoroughly uncomfortable at best (heck, I'm not that comfortable interacting with him, and while that's very much not a banning offense, it really doesn't help matters once a plausible case for a ban has been assembled...) and how little improvement there's been, it's time to call it.

I'd say we want an indefinite ban of at least a year. (After that year, if SRPA was going to come back, I'd want to hear clearly what steps he'd taken to make sure we don't get near this point again. I'm not sure I'd see that happening, so this is likely in practice a permaban vote, but I want to leave our options open.)

One thing i noticed is that the "posting significantly inappropriate stuff in chat a bunch" aspect of this reminds me somewhat of Ammo Guy (tw: mentions of bestiality), and some of the conduct at issue is inching close to that type of situation, so ... yeah. More support for a ban vote.

On a broader note, one thing I've had pointed out to me is that a lot of people were rather uncomfortable with going on harmed by SRPA being in the chat (and/or the community in general?) for a while now, but this thread only went up after a recent incident where a lot of folks were simultaneously unhappy. Was this just a case of there not being an obvious enough reason to start the ban talk until now? Or was there an element of no one wanting to start the thread until they knew other people would be on board because they didn't want to be the person "starting drama"?

Calling for things like bans is a hard problem, since there's a tension between letting people learn from their mistakes and protecting other members of the community, so I'm not trying to attack anyone over the timing of how this was handled. I happen to thnk we probably did a reasonable job of it, but, for example, the people more directly hurt by SRPA might disagree and think we should've acted noticeably sooner. Or had some way to discover that yeah, a lot of other people are having problems too.

- Tomash, throwing difficult questions at the wall to see what happens

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