Subject: Though I was present for the last incident, I don't think I've shared my thoughts.
Posted on: 2020-05-25 01:55:30 UTC

Admittedly I haven't been looking at anything SRPA has spoilered, but that's because I've been a bit uncomfortable with his presence for a while now. At first it was just the simple misunderstandings that I relegated my unease with to anxiety, which I still believe to be the case, but since then I've seen him continue on borderline or most definitely uncomfortable topics - especially whenever he brings up his brother.

If it were just culture shock of some sort I'd understand, but he doesn't seem to get what is and isn't appropriate for us even after being told (or he simply doesn't care, but I'm hesitant to entertain that as anything but conjecture).

I don't believe I've specifically been on the receiving end of particularly unsettling comments (though the fact that that feels like something I should specify is throwing up all sorts of flags) but more often than not I find myself purposefully not interacting with SRPA if I can help it.

Warnings don't seem to be working, no matter how gentle or harsh, so I find myself leaning towards a ban of some sort.

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