Subject: A Suggestion: Two Years
Posted on: 2020-05-26 16:35:03 UTC

It sounds like there's an awful lot of consensus. We as a community aren't comfortable around SRPA, and nobody's expressed any hesitation on that front. The question that remains is duration.

There's clearly almost universal agreement that we're talking about years. There's also what feels like a shared sentiment that we'd be fine with significantly more than one - most of the times suggested are "at least" a year, and there's people suggesting it should be permanent, or effectively so.

As such, I'd like to suggest two years. A lot can happen in two years; people grow, situations change, and that's really what we want to see here: a change in situation. And... SRPA's hurt people here. I think we need more than a single year to heal.

Thoughts? Agreements? Disagreements?

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