Subject: Popping in like the cryptid I am!
Posted on: 2021-04-01 04:54:59 UTC

Hi everyone! Just checking in again. Honestly don't remember the last time I did so but wow! New Board!

I thought about you all today because I am currently teaching English in Japan and today we were finalising our schedules for each department at our school and I realised there were nine members of the English department, plus me, so I have finally become the dreaded Tenth Walker ;P

(And then I spent the department meeting mentally casting my coworkers as Fellowship members and realised I spend most of my time talking to Legolas.)

Anyway, since I tagged this as a plug: I don't remember if I ever mentioned it before, but in 2015-2016 I wrote a retelling of the Hobbit in live time of the Quest for Erebor. I recently made a Carrd collecting the information about it in one place. If you have about 20+ hours to kill and you don't mind slowburn Bilbo/Thorin in a mixed books-movies canon setting (mostly book plot, movie aesthetics, plus xianxia-inspired Rivendell, plus a random cameo from Agent Eledhwen in her "canon extra" form) with a Durins Live ending, here it is.

Also, just ran this concept through the Discord but thought I'd like to hear more thoughts on it: consider... an inconvenience store in HQ. What would it sell? What would your Agents buy?

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