Subject: A lot of "health and beauty" products would qualify, come to think of it.
Posted on: 2021-04-03 14:27:27 UTC

You know, all those things with shame-based marketing, designed to solve "problems" that weren't problems before someone made a product to solve them, chiefly aimed at women? Not that men escape completely—consider the multitude of muscle-builders and, ahem, other enhancement products out there that require a guy to feel inadequate to buy them.

I got to wondering this morning if "tired of those dark/puffy circles under your eyes?" isn't less insane than "tired of that unsightly dimple under your nose?" I mean, yes, sunken or swollen eyes can be a sign of trouble, but doesn't everyone have those circles, and don't they always look a bit different from the surrounding skin, even when a person is perfectly healthy?

And "ladies, that hair on your legs is gross!" is definitely more insane than "men, that hair on your face is gross!" You could totally market facial shaving products that way. It itches and gets in your mouth, it gets sweaty and causes pimples, it traps food that bacteria can feed on, it totally repels your significant other! Get rid of it! Buy now! Never mind that all of that is only a problem if you don't practice basic hygiene!

So, yeah, I'm gonna say the Inconvenience Store is the PPC's source of personal care products from around the multiverse that people from some cultures can't live without and people from other cultures think is complete BS if not downright dangerous. And they're probably right. ^_~

(Alternatively, Phobos suggested that an inconvenience store simply never has the exact thing you're looking for, and the closest thing they do have is garbage.)


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