Subject: That's the Li Qin, absolutely!
Posted on: 2021-04-01 13:24:05 UTC

I guess over the years I've become less and less willing to indulge Tolkien on some of the more eeeehhhh stuff like "dilution of Numenorean blood leading to the degradation of Gondor's might" or "all the prettiest Elves are ~fair~" etc, but the beauty of his text is that its framing device is a translation of a different text.

And that's what keeps me coming back to Tolkien! Plus now that c-dramas are getting more popular in English-speaking fandom I can make jokes about how Rivendell is basically a chiller Cloud Recesses.

Incidentally, Bea Hayden is who I'd pick as Christianne.

Absolutely, go for it! Incidentally, while we're on the subject of heartwarming, I'm looking at the last mission now which I appended an epilogue about a midsummer bonfire from the POV of an Intern named Maddie:

Maddie hummed at that. “Eledhwen Elerossiel and Christianne Shieh, huh,” she mused. “I’d only really ever heard whispers about them, you know. Their long years of mutual pining, their slow burn romance. Isn’t it sweet? They could get married now!”

The tips of Jeeves' ears turned red. “I think they said they already were,” he said. “At least, um. In the Elvish sense.”

“Is that like knowing someone in the Biblical sense?” wondered Nurse Hearth.

“I didn’t bother to ask,” replied Jeeves. “But they were good Agents. And they’re still good people. I think they’re planning to move out here, find a flat. Enjoy civilian life.”

“Yeah,” agreed Maddie. “Honestly, it’s no wonder the two of them have been the face of PPC recruitment for the past couple of years now. They way they work together and care for each other is just,” she clenched her fist, “so cool. Kinda reminded me of why I signed up in the first place.”

Another burst of Glose light filled the air, then, and if Maddie averted her eyes just so, she could properly appreciate the way the bonfire seemed to dance across her friends’ faces. She then looked across the way, and saw the two of them. Eledhwen Elerossiel and Christianne Shieh, whirling together through the other dancing couples on the other side of the square. There were flowers in their hair, and Eledhwen was laughing at something Christianne said.

For a brief moment, they looked back at Maddie, and Maddie felt herself waving. Eledhwen raised an eyebrow, looking at Christianne, who waved back.

Then they briefly pressed their foreheads together, and vanished into the dancing crowd, and Maddie couldn’t help but smile even long after they were gone.

It’ll be all right in the end, she thought, as the bright flames licked at the darkening Midsummer night. As long as there are people willing to do so, the Canon will always be protected.

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