Subject: Ooh, an unbroken line of Kings.
Posted on: 2021-04-01 23:55:02 UTC

If we go with the assumption that non-imperialist Gondor was not invading the South or the East, could we also posit that, say, non-imperialist Gondor would have encouraged trade between the South and East with the North and West during the years in which Sauron was said to be defeated? I don't recall if Tolkien ever established any significant contact between the North&West with the South&East outside of wars and Gondorians thinking the Southrons/Easterlings were savage warlord tribes (yikes). So if non-imperialist Gondor was giving the South and East access to goods and ideas of resistance against the Enemy, could we have seen greater resistance against Sauron in the East once he declared himself again? (Also was that not the Blue Wizards' job ahaha)

Anyway, none of that doesn't mean Wainriders wouldn't attack Gondor. I mean, there's also the possibility that outside of Sauron or Angmar's control, the Wainriders wanted to expand their stomping grounds westwards. So even if the Kingship of Gondor remained with Ondoher and his kin because they only needed to focus on the Wainriders versus Wainriders and Haradrim, there's a possibility the heirs of Ondoher could still be killed off in future battles with Angmar or the Wainriders. Or there could be a new Great Plague and the Men are all freakin' plague rats...

Fairness: The movie definitely played up the assumptions versus the books, but I have to admit the books insisting on terms like "Black Speech" and "Black Numenoreans" doesn't sit well with me either haha /am unrepentant Queen Beruthiel stan

Art: I can't see Dafydd or Christianne caring about it being Valentine's Day, haha. Maybe the club had a drinks discount for couples....

Notes: I shared the doc with you before I went to bed last night! I sent it to the email we shared for the Silmaril Sue cowrite. Feel free to make comments and correct my Sindarin/the few spots of Quenya. I'd be especially interested in what you think of the period dramas a modern Middle-earth would have ;P

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