Subject: Hijacking for a random Sindarin-naming question.
Posted on: 2021-04-07 14:16:31 UTC

So, I want to name a sorrel mare "Little Red."

My options for "red" (but not necessarily of fire) seem to be caran, coll, and naru. Caran seems the most legit Sindarin, since the other two are annotated as Noldorin? Hiswelókë also suggests gaer as a normalization/reconstruction of goer, which I like because it seems to denote copper-colored or ruddy, but gaer has a couple other meanings and might be confusing? Also, it's not very pretty. And goer is even less pretty.

As for "little," there's the suffix -eg, but that isn't pretty at all and the only example I saw suggests it's a bit derogatory. Fortunately, there's also the adjective pîn. Cool.

So, er, how do I put them together? I tried to work it out myself using this guide and, picking whatever feminine suffix sounded best, got Pingaranel/Crambineth, Pingoleth/Colbinel, Pinnarwil/Narubinel, or, for the heck of it, Pinaereth/Gaerbinel. Are these right? I suspect I must have missed something somewhere. For instance, I rather like Pinnarwil, but I'm not convinced the double-N is allowed. And changing ara to ra in Crambineth is displeasing, so maybe one could skip that step? And I'm kinda asking an adjective (red) to stand in as a noun (red one), so do I have to do anything to reflect that?


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