Subject: Context is PPC + thought experiment. {= )
Posted on: 2021-04-07 15:53:15 UTC

There's that set of nine horses rescued from "Ring Child." I may someday maybe want to do something with one of them, so a description and a name are needed. I suspect Alice and Nandaro (a.k.a. Delroch), as herd leaders, are the ones doing the naming/translating into words.

And I just wanted to see how far I could get with it while I was thinking about it. {= )

(The rest of the nine are available for anyone to play with except for the bay gelding claimed by Agent Suicide. I'm informed Su calls him Polynikes: "after the Spartan warrior who once tormented his master, Alexandros. Why? 'Now he has to do what I say.' And the fact that it's a gelding makes him snicker." ^_^ )

Anyway, thank you! Good to know that guide is mostly reliable, and I am amused to know that Maglor's horses, if they aren't called after musical concepts, are poking fun at his family. "Nimmoril" is lovely. I like "Caraneth," too.

If it helps, naru is also given as narw, though it's still Noldorin?


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