Subject: Hi, Lily!
Posted on: 2021-04-01 14:00:57 UTC

Good to see you! Welcome to the New Board!

Re. inconvenience store, I've been reading a book about the history of "health food" faddism in America, so "dehydrated water" springs to mind. There was apparently a thing called "Zola, the Wonder Water" that one could order from a magazine in the 1920s, I think it was, and the stuff was dehydrated to save on shipping costs. Yeah.

"What the buyer got was a little powder marked 'concentrated water'. It cost only a dollar. And from it, using 25 to 40 gallons of ordinary everyday water, the buyer could make 'the best of life-giving beverages'. (Actually, the powder proved to be five cents worth of Epsom salt.)" —Deutsch, Ronald M., The New Nuts Among the Berries, Bull Publishing Co., 1977.

Naturally I take any "current" information with a grain of Epsom salt, given the publication date, but the historical information is fascinating in that it's so very familiar. The same wild ideas about health and the same "get well quick" schemes seem to come around again and again, often propagated by celebrities with dubious or zero medical credentials, with the public none the wiser. It's incredible.

So! Sounds perfect for an inconvenience store. ^_^


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