Subject: Oh! Oh oh oh!
Posted on: 2021-04-01 15:06:26 UTC

Thank you so much for the adorable epilogue, because it reminded me that back in 2019 I finally returned the long, long ago favour of fanart you did me:

(deviantArt / Imgur closeup)

Club Aujourd'hui, New Caledonia, with Christianne and Eledhwen right at the top of the dancefloor. They're very cute together. ^_^

(The other couples are Ix & Lottie, Derik and Gall, and - of course - Dafydd and Constance.)

Back to Tolkien (because I will never pass up a Tolkien opportunity), the really good part is that the Red Book is supposedly a Gondorian copy of the original, so all the Numenorean chauvinism is probably just their addition. It's notable that the Kin-strife was explicitly caused by Gondorian racism against non-Numenoreans... Gondor is just racist, and Tolkien-as-author doesn't really condone it. (I mean, heck, the evillest thing Men ever did was try to invade Valinor, and it was pure Numenoreans in the direct Line of Elros who did it!)

As to ~fair~... did you know there are 112 uses of the word in the Silmarillion? :D Most of them, surprisingly, are of places and objects, and as for the ones about people... y'know, I've just looked through all 112, and I can't find any instances where I'd parse fair = pale. He uses it in connection with pale hair sometimes, but just as often with dark. Aredhel - who is actually described as white, and nicknamed because of how white she is - is only called 'fair' once, when Eol is looking at her from a distance. Perhaps most notably, Dior becomes fair when he puts on the Silmaril. The one maybe-exception is Tar-Miriel, who is "fairer than silver or ivory or pearls", implying a paleness component, but even then... I agree it's a poor choice of word, and dramatically overused (there's only 66 'beaut-' words, for comparison), but at least he doesn't seem to be deliberately invoking pale skin.

(Hilariously, Sauron-as-Annatar is described as putting on a 'fair hue' that makes him seem 'both fair and wise'. What, er, what colour do you need to paint yourself to look particularly wise? o.O)


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