Subject: Awwww that's adorable!!
Posted on: 2021-04-01 15:22:11 UTC

I see that E has somehow managed to get C into a dress for the occasion. I wonder what bribes and favours went into making that happen :'D

Yes, I definitely think the Numenorean greed for land especially with regards to Harad, Umbar, Harondor etc got a bit downplayed, and the Red Book being a Gondorian copy would probably explain that haha! The books focused a lot on greed over shinies, but I personally wonder how the 3rd Age could've gone if Gondorian imperialism hadn't soured the Easterlings against the rest of the Free Peoples of Middle-earth.

I do agree that ultimately using the term 'fair' doesn't necessarily equate to pale, but we have all been sort of conditioned as readers of fantasy to make that connection, especially with stories like LotR frequently using dark-vs-light, black-vs-white imagery. And yes, to be fair (haha), Sauron and some of the Enemy do "look fairer and feel fouler", which is a little bit of a textual pushback, and the Silm I feel has a bit more grey morality compared to LotR... but again, despite all of this, readers of the work can often make assumptions, and the existing film adaptations don't do much to dissuade those assumptions. I'm ultimately glad that Tolkien fandom (here and elsewhere) is becoming more open to a diversified portrayal of Middle-earth, though!

(I'm cautiously excited about the Amazon series? They did a pretty good job with Good Omens in my opinion but I am a little bit amused at them saying they wanted to up the rating... I hope this doesn't mean full-frontal Gollum :'D)

Incidentally, since I really do enjoy and miss talking Tolkien with you: I've been worldbuilding a modern Middle-earth for fun and giggles; would you be interested in seeing the notes?

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