Subject: What intrigues me about the "some dozen" is the Handbook.
Posted on: 2021-08-27 00:34:56 UTC

Our (current) best date for the Handbook is an incredibly vague 2003-2004, but can it be a coincidence that the List of Departments just so happens to show eleven agents in the DIC? As follows:


  • Agent Kit
  • Agent Rumor
  • Agent Talisa


  • BK the Irregular
  • The Lovely Beta
  • Agent Jack
  • Agent Annie


  • Agent Dez
  • Agent Seren
  • Agent T'Pira
  • Agent Gon

... I mean, yes, it totally can be a coincidence, and I think it is. But it's kind of a neat one. {= )

Either way, Annie and The Lovely Beta can probably be ruled out of having participated in tackling "A Tangled Web." They have one mission posted in three parts from September 21 to October 9, 2003, and it sounds like it's their first foray into a megacrossover, since Beta drags in Annie to help with some of the canons, many of which overlap with "Tangled Web." I'm starting to get the impression the early 2000s were rife with these things. "Tangled Web," Wanderverse, Journeyverse, whatever fic Iskillion is supposed to have come from...

(The Journeyverse is mentioned by BK the Irregular in a comment on the Wanderverse mission as "the other Crossover from Hades." I guess it got the better of them and probably-their-partner Agent Jack?)

Lily said something about how it might be fun to do some memory/flashback scenes of this with Dis and the Agent, so I think we can say they were there. {= )

And, well, if we decide as a(n interested subset of a) community that this fic is likely enough to be the fic, I guess that's good enough to canonize it as such?


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