Subject: There's one other possibility:
Posted on: 2021-08-31 11:43:34 UTC

Smeagol makes a tiny cameo in Witches Abroad, shortly before Nanny Ogg gets a house dropped on her and her red boots almost nicked. Is there a Discworld presence that might have dragged him in?

Actually, what kind of fic is this? I've been assuming it's a "multiverse all mashed together" thingy, but some things you've said suggest it could be as simple as "the Borg (and everyone else) discover multiverse travel". The latter would give His Gollumishness no excuse at all, whichever version he is.*

[*Though a story where Gollum accidentally discovers that the Ring will let him shift between parallel worlds might be kind of hilarious if done right - by which I mean, if Gollum remains completely Gollum. He lands on Dagobah, turns invisible, tries to eat Yoda, is immobilised with the Force and given a stern talking to which he shifts away in the middle of. Lands on the Enterprise, hides in a Jeffries tube for three days, then shifts away when Geordi finds him. Etc etc. Actually it sounds kind of tedious.]

One reason I like Sergio's World Without Authors setting is that it neatly avoids a lot of the pitfalls you talk about. If a character's too powerful, or knowledgable, or you just don't know how to write them - forget sidelining, they just didn't make it across. Simple as that. ^_^


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