Subject: HMM.
Posted on: 2021-08-27 08:28:44 UTC

I did originally have a list of 'sadly not possibles', which included Annie and Beta (along with Death, I think? Don't remember), but the post was already growing unwieldy.

The List of Departments is an interesting... coincidence? It's possible that Annie and Beta 'already existed' at this point, in the same way that Agent Huinesoron of DOGA existed for Suedom long before he did anywhere else. If Nenya was asking people for volunteers, she could have compiled this list as early as 2002.

... but she would have had to do it on the mailing list, because that mission predates the Board.

Another early source is Araeph's archival, by Meg of Despatch, which likely dates it to 2002. She only lists four Untanglers - Nia and Shelley (her own pair), and Jay and Acacia! Not a lot of help, but it confirms that there wasn't a widely known list of a dozen.

And then there's the fabled "official PPC document" with subclauses, source of the flying pig patch. That... could actually be an earlier version of Meg's website, with her having corrected it to include the Lichen. Huh. Looks like the 'correct' version existed by October '02, and the whole thing appeared on her webpage between August and December, so... maybe not after all? Or maybe she sent it to the mailing list before she put it on her website. :)

-- OH NO WAIT I figured it out! ^^ ^^ ^_^ Meg has a review posted from Architeuthis, dating back to at least August '02, in which she says:

"Oh, your reference sheet lists poor, overworked Sub Rosa as the Director of both Intelligence AND Implausible Crossovers. I'm HOPING that 's not really the case...."

So there you have it: at the time J&A wrote "Darkness Awakened", the Sub Rosa was listed as head of DIC. Nothing like as big a find as yours, but it's nice to know what they were on about at last.


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