Subject: Agent and Dis' last regeneration was in the Reorganisation.
Posted on: 2021-08-27 11:58:16 UTC

So they've actually been in their third bodies for a while at the time (my personal timeline has them getting Krytos in 2006). Dis III was "practically mute" and Agent III was very protective of her, so there could be some miscommunications between them and Elizabeth, especially if Dis's handwriting or sign language was all done in Gallifreyan. There could also potentially be some interpersonal clashing between them and Elizabeth in general given differences in origin. And... I think Gallifrey's going through the Time War at this point since the destruction of Gallifrey is circa 2005 HST, so they're not in a great headspace to begin with, probably very irritated by the megacrossover featuring all these incarnations of the Doctor while Gallifrey's supposed to be invaded by Daleks (and then what are they doing not going back to fight? etc).

Anyway that tension with Elizabeth + HQ sending in more backup in the form of very young, very inexperienced agents = untangling this web takes longer than normal.

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