Subject: ...Allison Brown? o.O
Posted on: 2021-08-27 07:42:20 UTC

That can't possibly be my agent of that name (she was DIC, but definitely wasn't around for this), but I could've sworn there wasn't another listed on the wiki. Who is she?

...unless you do mean my Allison Brown, in which case I'm afraid she showed up after 2010 (2013, if I remember correctly, though I'm now considering 2012 because Why Not).

Theoretically, Edgar Sullivan could've been around. I don't have a start date for him. He doesn't strike me as someone who's been around consistently since 2002, but I could see him being around then as a very young agent, who subsequently left for a while to go to school and so on, and ultimately returned around, say, 2010. I think that could more or less fit with his age--he's been hovering around thirty for a bit, unless I settled on a specific age and have forgotten. But him as a teenager or a very young teenager back then could fit.

There's no guarantee he was involved in this, but imagine if he was and it was what made his parents or guardians decide that no, actually, maybe he'd better go back to normal life for a while...whatever exactly that looks like for him. I'm not entirely convinced he's from World One. Mysterious kind of character; I came up with him in 2013 and his development has been both slow and slowly more interesting. I'll have to think more about this. But certainly, he could have been around in 2002 as a newbie (maybe toward the end of his first year there, which he didn't get to finish). Allison, though, definitely wasn't if it's my Allison you're referring to.

~Z, apparently doing spontaneous character development today!

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