Subject: It would be fun if I actually knew any of the canons involved ahaha
Posted on: 2021-08-27 04:58:58 UTC

Because ofc it's not the Star Treks I'm familiar with (TNG/VOY/DS9, while I'm TOS/AOS) or the DW I'm familiar with (Classic Who, while I'm NuWho) or even the Battlestar Galactica I'm familiar with (70s version that's basically just the Book of Mormon in space, while I'm 2003 Reboot)! So I don't know how much I can comment on regarding the fic itself, but I do fully plan to have Dis and the Agent reference handling Tangled Web during the STWWX mission.

Any flashbacks I write would probably be more exploring the Third Disentangler and the Third Agent, since the current Agent mentioned liking that body and it would be fun to just generally flesh out their older bodies as well! But yes, since they've been around since the Reorganisation (I think I actually put them arriving in HQ like a couple years after Morgan?) they would have been in the DIC at the time of this and thus involved in untangling it :P

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