Subject: Mysterious Ghost Allison Brown! :P
Posted on: 2021-08-27 10:03:54 UTC

Wow, I guess I've been even slower about finishing and putting up pieces of her story than I realized! She's pretty much got The Earther and a handful of nameless references, doesn't she? I came up with her in 2011 (she predates my time as a Boarder), but she's gone through a good few changes, especially in the past...five years? Yikes, she was supposed to show up in PPC stories about eight years ago now. A few months more, actually. It's probably a good thing she didn't, but wow, that itch to get moving on the interludes of her and Kozar is returning. Annoyingly, I even have a whole outline and title naming scheme and everything; I just don't have much that doesn't need to be rewritten, or drafted for the first time. I'll...get there eventually...?

Anyway, yeah, she definitely wasn't around yet! Edgar could easily have been, though. I kind of like that for him. It fits the mildly chaotic vibe he has going on.


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