Subject: Multiple fics, single continuity.
Posted on: 2021-08-28 18:52:07 UTC

It's definitely a single story, just divided into parts that, except for Part 2 for some reason, are further subdivided into chapters. I don't know if it would work to tackle it fic by fic rather than picking an intervention point or points chronologically, since main characters such as Q and the Doctor seem to appear throughout.

The impression I get from J&A's look is that they're seeing the attempted mission in progress, hence a bunch of characters that don't share screen time in the fic being seen together. My guess is the agents on the mission have started rounding up characters, but things are not under control, hence the "chaos."

I've actually read all of Part 1 now and started on Part 2. It's... interesting. I don't know if it's exactly bad. It's definitely not good, since the writing is peppered with minor errors (resulting in plenty of minis), the characters I'm familiar with feel ever so slightly off, and the plot is powered by stupidity, but all that isn't enough to completely put me off the idea. I'd love to hear what someone familiar with the Fourth Doctor thinks about it, since he features pretty heavily so far.

I will say I think Q is getting pretty shoddy treatment, to the point that he might welcome the PPC's intervention. There is potential for an interesting mission here.

Am I going to attempt it? Haha, no. But I am going to keep reading and thinking about it.


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