Subject: Well, it's probably just the one Doctor.
Posted on: 2021-08-27 14:35:31 UTC

I don't think all of them show up until Part 8, which didn't exist yet in 2002. Could still be wrong, since I still haven't read the whole thing, but I did read the scene in Part 8 where they gather and complain about how they shouldn't be doing it. Doesn't seem as though they've crossed paths with each other before.

Speaking of Part 8 and "failed mission" (per hS): I guess the existence of more and more chapters after 5.1 is evidence that the 2002 mission failed, huh? I suppose HQ just didn't have the resources to contain it... and I guess they figured that out before doing the smart thing and sending more experienced agents in? I guess?? Flower logic is not like our human logic, eh?


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