Subject: Kids in the DIC.
Posted on: 2021-08-27 11:12:39 UTC

It's feeling more and more like the DIC is one of the places the Flowers dumped all the young kids they started getting after LotR came out (to keep them out of the assassination field). Narto would have been 14, Nia was 12, and you have Edgar as a 'very young teenager'. So perhaps the reason for the Tangled Web fiasco was that The Some Dozen consisted of Elizabeth trying to wrangle the fairly-newly-regenerated Agent and Dis and half a dozen kids! And possibly a chameleon too.

It's actually sounding like it went the same way as Suedom - a mission ran into problems, so they just sent more and more inexperienced agents in to fix it by weight of numbers. What could possibly go wrong?


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