Subject: Strange and uncomfortable moments from Part 2.
Posted on: 2021-08-29 18:58:22 UTC

So, the Borg invasion of the multiverse has begun. Q and Q2 (who is basically there to be annoying) have assembled the first team to start fighting back and sent them to a randomly picked starting point: Coruscant in the Star Wars universe. Do they pick anyone from Star Wars for the team? No. Don't be silly. The team consists of characters from Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman, and The Greatest American Hero. Because reasons.

Anyway, somewhere in the underbelly of Coruscant, this conversation happens:

Bill scrutinized the black Vulcan. "I always thought that aliens would look a lot different that humans. I've been around aliens before, but I just never got the opportunity to see one." Bill stepped back and decided to accept the man's claim to being an alien. No human could be that much of a stiff! he decided. "Well, I'm disappointed. I thought there would be more to aliens than pointy ears and slanted eyebrows."

At that Tuvok's eyebrows raised. "Indeed!"

"Actually," perked up Jamie, "Steve and I just saw an alien rowing an old boat across an underground lake. It was a light greenish color with big eyes. Kept muttering about looking for his 'precious'." Jamie paused in her description. "I think it might have been insane, whatever it was."

That's... it... but... what?!

For those who might not be aware, this is clearly Gollum from the Rankin-Bass animated adaptation of The Hobbit:

Why is he on Coruscant? This isn't brought up again for the rest of the part, and I seriously doubt it'll be brought up again in the rest of the story, either. It's so random! Why? {X D

For that matter, I don't know why this part is set on Coruscant at all. The only connection to Star Wars is a droid they rescue (who does almost nothing) and Stormtroopers who show up to provide an extra nuisance (as if the Borg weren't trouble enough), and the action is confined to a walkable area. Seems to me that any sufficiently technological city with a derelict undercity would have worked just fine.

I also could have done without the mangling of the Buffyverse characters, whom I know well enough that I noticed and it bothered me. There's a whole thing where Quark tricks Buffy into oo-mox, and then she finds out what that is and proceeds to throw him to the ground and beat him up to the point of drawing blood. Look, I could understand smacking him once, because ew, but beating him bloody? Nuh-uh. It's brutal, and it's not like Buffy. What's worse, everyone waiting in the wings on Deep Space Nine, who are able to watch thanks to Q-based contrivance, all find this hilarious. It's gross. I know Quark is a cretin most of the time, but he doesn't deserve this. {= /

And then the fic goes and kills off Spike after messing us about over whether he's an evil Vulcan-eating monster or a conflicted antihero with confusing feelings for Buffy somewhat ahead of schedule. It's just weird.

Oh, and there's the bit where Giles sleeps through Q being in his house because he has the flu. I don't remember whether or not Giles actually gets sick at some point in season 4, but even if he does, it feels like a copout, and I Do Not Approve of the copout sidelining of Giles.


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