Subject: Meet the PPC
Posted on: 2019-02-21 18:54:00 UTC

Attention all agents!

The Fake Multiverse Monitor, as part of its ongoing efforts to step out of the shadow of its competitor predecessor and improve the quality of the scandalous gossip news media in Headquarters, is hosting an opt-in series of interviews with YOU, the agents of the PPC! Let us get to know you a little better by answering the questions at the end of this message. Participation is completely optional, but should you begin the interview, every question MUST be answered, however difficult it might be. Otherwise, what's the point?

Please address submissions to Response Center 14 2536 by ICEP or regular post. Responses will be featured in upcoming editions of the Multiverse Monitor. The staff reserves the right to edit responses for brevity, clarity, and hilarity good taste.

OOC comments: Hey, all! It seems too quiet around here, so I thought we might liven things up with a little game that lets us do something I think we all enjoy, which is talking about our characters. I found the following wacky OC character interview on deviantART. I'm reproducing it here for convenience, and also because I'm adapting it slightly.

Please respond in-character as your agent(s), not yourself. Permission is not required for this. In fact, if you're working on building characters, that's all the more reason to join in! Please do try to answer all the questions—but note that nothing says your characters have to answer in an honest or even useful way. ^_~

Oh, and please keep it PG-13. It's the Monitor, so this interview is not exactly a paragon of high virtue, but still. {= )

I'm not planning to actually do anything with the responses myself, but if anyone else is bitten by the journalism bug, have at it!

I'll supply my own responses, too, but probably not today.

Have fun!


The OC Interview of Hilarity
by Shuuva

1. Ahh yes! Welcome to the interview! Please introduce yourself: name, species, continuum of origin?

2. So, what department are you in, and who is your partner?

3. Let’s start with the basic questions. How old are you?

4. Height and weight?

5. Sexual orientation?

6. IQ?

7. Bra size? / Boxers or briefs?

8. Let’s cut the boring questions. Firstly, how many weapons are currently on your person?

9. Are you wanted for any crimes?

10. And the age-old ‘Are you a virgin?’

11. Do you ever fantasize about same-sex relations?

12. Lovely. So, what is your favorite curse word?

13. When was the last time you threw up?

14. Have any mental illnesses?

15. What is your biggest phobia?

16. Do you crossdress often?

17. Have any addictions?

18. What is the closest you have ever been to dying? Or have you ever died?

19. Have the FicPsych nurses ever taken you away?

20. Are the FicPsych nurses after you?

21. Do you snore?

22. Are you drooling right now?

23. Let’s say that HQ was about to explode, and you could save one other person in here. Who would you choose?

24. When was the last time you used the toilet?

25. Have you ever kissed a girl? / a boy? / another species??

26. Did you like it?

27. The little voices in your head. Do you talk to them?

28. Were you made fun of in school? Why?

29. I can’t think of a question to ask you. Have any comments?

30. This interview has ended? Are you gleeful? Or would you like to complete our 100 question survey over thumbtacks?

Thank you kindly for your completely voluntary submission! The Totally Bogus Multiverse Monitor disclaims any and all liability for any damages (mental, physical, finanicial, spiritual, or otherwise) incurred by your participation. Have a nice day!


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