Subject: My frist story UwU
Posted on: 2020-09-04 08:25:12 UTC

Hai guuuys ^-^

As u know I've been working on this video for aaaages and it's finally done

This is my take on the classic hated child becomes a hybrid princess story

Sorry guys but i slightly deviate from the standard plot at the end but i promist the epic twist will leave you in shock OwO

Featuring all you favourite characters like the prudish luxury, the evil jaycacia, legolas, sans and many more

also featuring guest appearances from everyone's favourite OCs Pakura Ameyuri and Ashura Red Satoshi Ketchum (dw I know how much you guyz hate Rosaline so I even showed she had been killed off jsut for you :D )

srry if I got a bit lazy at the end TwT oh and btw sorry if youre in demark because yt is a binch and copyright claimed mee ;-;

See my epic GLMM/GCMM here ^.^

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