Subject: Five People Jacques Will Probably Never Be Paired With, And One Person Who’d Be Perfect For Him-pt.2
Posted on: 2020-09-06 19:24:10 UTC

A/N: Here we go--part two!!!

Important—this isn’t canon Dawn!! She’s definitely an AU here. Explanation in the ending a/n. Enjoy!!

  1. Clone!Time Agent!Dawn - “Original”

Of all the people Jacques thought he’d ever take up with, a former Time Agent was not even on the list.

“I’m actually a clone,” Dawn explained sadly one night. They were curled up together in the Room of Requirement, on a mission together. “I’m kind of the expendable one—”

“You are not expendable,” Jacques said firmly, and kissed her, enjoying the way she melted against him. “You’re amazing.”

“That’s my job,” Dawn said chirpily. She sighed and leaned away, reaching for her wrist strap. “Oh, hey, it’s been three hours.”

“Three awesome hours.”

She grinned at him over her shoulder. “Okay, yeah, three awesome hours.” She flopped back down, strapping the vortex manipulator around her wrist. It wasn’t on, apart from the time telling aspect, so Hogwarts’ magical field didn’t affect it. “Anyway. They decided that, since they liked the...other me so much, they’d shell out for a clone. And here I am. I got all the more dangerous missions, you know.”

“More dangerous than ESAS?” Jacques asked.

Dawn shrugged. “Sometimes. Mostly not. I like ESAS better, though,” she added, and curled up against him again. “More freedom, better partners, more interesting locations…”

“I’m a catch,” Jacques said. “Hey, you know what’s funny? I think we’re the only two former Time Agents in HQ.”

“I mean, I ran into three other versions of you last week, but sure,” Dawn said.

Jacques widened his eyes at her. “Three? And you didn’t introduce me?”

“I was distracted! Besides, they didn’t stay too long.”

“Shame,” Jacques said. “Let me know if they come back, alright? I’d love to meet more of me.”

“You’re weird,” Dawn told him. “I’m happy being the only one of me around for a change. I hated always being reminded I wasn’t the original.”

Jacques kissed her soundly, pulling her close and keeping it going until she clung to him. “You’re original to me.”


Disclaimer: Jacques and Dawn belong to Zingenmir, who should really do something a bit more like this with them, don't you agree?? So much wasted potential. Anyway, though, the whole concept of AU Time Agent Clone!Dawn is all mine! Ask before using ;)

A/N: It’s a bit short, I know, but isn’t it sweet~? I know, I know, I should’ve put him with canon Dawn, but I’ve done that before (I think? Maybe I didn’t post it? I’ll have to check sometime) and I started wondering what she’d be like in AUs, and then I started thinking about Jacques with a Time Agent, and then my bf told me a lot about the clones in Star Wars, and it just kind of...came together. Sorry if it’s a little bit confusing the first time through—read it through again if it confused you, and I’m sure it’ll seem better :) I’ve added a note at the beginning now, though, so hopefully that helps…Anyway, let me know what you thought!!


((A bit off the wall. I can't quite remember how I got here, to be honest, but it was kind of fun. Also, Star Wars had nothing to do with it, as far as I know.

In an unpublished mission set in late 2013, Jacques and Dawn got into an argument over her phrasing a plan poorly enough to imply he was expendable. (Their communication skills improved eventually.) This is kind of a callback to that, though not really--mostly in the sense that I was thinking about it and it still prompts that scene for me, not because it actually has much of anything to do with that.

~Z, promising that the next installment is...well, it uses all canon characters, at least. In it, we take a trip to the future...))

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