Subject: O'Ryan's Love pt 2
Posted on: 2020-09-16 00:48:59 UTC

A/N: Sory I coldnt updat sooner. Skool.

The firt thing Oryan felt when he wok up was sik. Then he therw up all over Jack.

"EW! WUT THE SHPX, MAN?" Jack screemed.

"Sorry," siad Oran. "Felt sick."

"Theirs a bathrom for a reason, u know."

"Said the one in my bed in my RC."

"Wuteer." Said Jack. "I ain't kising... Wa0hait..."


"Are you preggers?"

"I dunno."

"Go tes in c."

"Sure." O'ryan went and tested himsef. It cam back wit plus. He told Jak.

"No! I thoght dat couln't hapen." said jak.

"It's canon. It can happen to me."

"U aren't geting aborted."


Thank fur reding. Jack is min. O'Ryan belongs to Kittyauthor.

((School is fun, you know. Also, O'Ryan can get pregnant in canon. It's complicated to explain why I decided this, but it boils down to "my mind is weird." In his world, that was normal. Hence weird mind thing. Technically NSFW But yeah, hope you enjoyed. I will start labeling parts with how many months pregnant because Reasons.))

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