Subject: Five People Jacques Will Probably Never Be Paired With, And One Person Who’d Be Perfect For Him-pt.3
Posted on: 2020-09-11 15:24:16 UTC

  1. Elan(or(elisindrivar)) - “A Blessing On Your Head”

A Time Lord who looked about thirteen should not have been this intimidating.

“We’re serious, Mum,” Elan insisted. His hand was wrapped tightly around Jacques’, and his expression was earnest. “I love him. You know I love him. This is it for me.”

“But it isn’t for him,” the Aviator said. She gave Jacques the stink-eye. “He’s just going to run around on you. He’s incapable of being faithful to one person—he needs at least five.”

“Actually, I’m ready to settle down for a while,” Jacques said. “At least as long as this regeneration lasts. After that, we’ll see where we are and if we need to adjust anything, but for now...when I say I want to marry your son, I mean it in a traditional way!”

“We want you at the wedding,” Elan insisted. He leaned forward, blue eyes bright and wide and earnest. Jacques lovingly admired how they looked in contrast to his nut brown skin and dark, curly hair. “Please don’t make this difficult, Mum. I need you to support me here.”

The Aviator sniffed, and crossed her arms. “Why now?” she demanded of Jacques. “What changed?”

Jacques shrugged. “I got lonely, and then I met an amazing person. I can’t help the timing, Ave; we had fun, back when you were blond, but I just wasn’t ready. Now I am.”

“So, what, if we’d started something now—?”

Elan wrinkled his nose. “Mum, please don’t. You’re making it weird.”

I’m making it weird?”

“Yes!” Elan said. His hand tightened around Jacques’. “You guys dated centuries ago. A lot of centuries. Things have changed! And this is happening, whether you like it or not, but I want my mum to walk me down the aisle! I want you in our lives, supporting us, being happy for me! I never thought I’d find someone like him—a relationship like this! So please, make an effort and move on!” His voice dropped in volume again, his eyes going wide and pleading. “Please, Mum. Please. I really want a perfect wedding.”

“Okay,” the Aviator mumbled finally. “Fine.” She cleared her throat and straightened her shoulders. “So, have you set a date?”

“Yes!” Elan said, suddenly cheerful and relieved. “We were thinking about a year from now, so we have time to plan it properly and figure out who else we want there…”

He kept talking, as Jacques looked at him fondly, thinking how perfectly everything had worked out.

He was truly blessed.


A/N: Come on, I had to get a Time Lord in here. I thought about it, and then decided: future fic!! And then I started wondering what Elanor would be like all grown up...and then this happened, and it was really fun. Also, Jacques totally deserves some hapiness! Get on that, Zingy!!!

Also, I'm in a rush, so you get a rushed disclaimer! Mwah!

Disclaimer: the Aviator and Elan(or) belong to Iximaz!! I'm just borrowing, obvs. Don't hate.

also if I get someone going AVE/ELANOR BELONG WITH ME i'm going to laugh soooo hard okay bye XD


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