Subject: Fun Missoin CHAPTER 2
Posted on: 2020-09-09 23:37:31 UTC

(Louee’s Notes:so it turns out carol didn’t ACTUALLY make the fic better andDIDNt chang it AT ALL and THATS why theres a no one readinG! But don’t worry, i made SURE it added some stuff this time! i hope you like this ficMORE now!”)

(Carol’s Note: aaa)


Tia runs down the streets of a small quiet medeival village, perfectly juking all civillians who got in her way. Carlie followedclose behind,

At one point a lynx-persn then walked up to them and asked “scuse me madams what are you adoing?”

Tia smiled, turned around, grabbed, her nuralyser, and flashed him, and the two kep t going.

after a few minutes the two dropped into hiding behind a gard wagpn.

“i see sue” said tia

There was no responce, since Carli wasn’t there yet.

“Oh well, ill doit Myself,” tia smriked.

The sue was a tiger-girl and talking to the canomns in the street. tia realized the charges in her notebook.

“Hm, ara. cLassic suu. ‘Platynum’ blond hair, boobs the size ofhe r hed (howdoes she not Talk about bak pain), hazel eyes- pf, everyone nows blonds dont have hazel eyes. and of COurdSE she’s re;ated to a cannon…”

“A what now?” carlie said, now finally cought up RIGHT as the SUE nand the CANOONS left to visit some dum food place the SUE has.

“U missed it” tia grumbled

“Wait, the oc’s related to a canon?” charlie said dimly with xer intelligense of 6.

“A CANNON, you deku baka ara ara~ a somewone whos in the original storry.” tia smilled flirtaly.

Charlie blinked, then sighed deciding their was noting they could say too that.

Suddenly, their head twitched, and she blinked a few times before he decided that something was wrong and they had to clear her head and stuff. He decided to go see if there was sometighg to eat around hear. That usualy helped a bit.

Tia was still charging and writing when charlie left so she sidn’t notice them gone.

As Chaleri left, sher brain begasn to clear up and they began to think (rare, isnt it?).

Looking through the quiet streets of who-even-knows-where, they saw a bakery. Hmm, bread. Bread sounded nice at the moment.

“Well then,” they thought, and they went in.



((actual author’s note: ha ha hahahah hee hoo egg help me))

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