Subject: What? No snogging?
Posted on: 2020-09-12 19:17:43 UTC

Somehow, I thought all of these chapters were going to end in a make-out. Oh well, can't have everything. And TBH it would have been weird with a love interest who apparently looks thirteen, which is a... choice. That you made. For some reason.

Unless you meant the Aviator currently looks thirteen, not Elan? Maybe? Ave was certainly the only character acting in a way that might be called intimidating at any point in this scene.

Other than that bit of deep and worrisome confusion, this was sweet, and something I could even see Jacques doing at some point, so kudos there.

Whatever you do, darling, don't mind the haters. Especially when they're as persistently and adorably wrong as MrsSupernumerary. ;3


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