Subject: *blinkblink* Imitation?
Posted on: 2020-09-06 08:33:16 UTC

Not sure what you're talking about; this is my own original fanfic. Glad you enjoyed, though! :) :) :)

I...might have forgotten about the bunk beds, whoops, unless I remembered last year and just didn't write it in and have now forgotten?? Anyway, just imagine that Jacques is being careful not to bump anyone's head!! That or he has spider powers here and just rappelled up to the top bunk with webs. Or Nume was just so distracted he didn't quite take in the idea of the ladder. Whatever works ;) (probs the bottom bunk, lol!)

Yay! Glad you're coming back :) always nice when people are interested!!! Next update should be coming really soon, I hope...

Thanks for reading!


((Whole lot of snrk. The bunk beds thing sounds familiar to me too, but placing it...nope, not working.

As for the next part, hopefully I'll put it up in a few hours or so! ~Z))

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