Subject: Fun Missoin CHAPTER 1
Posted on: 2020-09-07 02:09:55 UTC

(Louee’s Note: Hi guys its me, Looee Carololol from last yeear! A few people said I need to get better so I got my older sibling Carol to help me read over it! I asked them over and over and they finally said t’s be read! so hopefully it;s ll be SO much pbetter! Thank you for reading this and I hope you like it!”)

(Carol’s Note: help)


Charlie sat on the flor, their tail in the ir lap, reading a book. They were alone, because their old partner was in FixSike for religous reasons. Then the door opensd and a cool siloet filled the door!

It was a cute loking gurl with sky blue eyes ice wolf eyes and a tail and paws. Ine eye was dark blue like a wolf’s while the other was pitch black like a pearl. Her skin was also a healthy shad of whiteish-blue, and her human ears looked lke frozen cristals.

She was beutiful, charlie thought. Then s(he? I dunno i don’t wanna look it up) smiled and waved.

“Oh, hello there, mate. Who’re you?”

The newcomer crinned. “Oh hii~ didn’t see you there, uffufufu.”

Carlie blinked. “Pardon?”

The newcomer blinked. “Ohh. did I come off too strong? Sooorry. Anyways, I;m Tia!” she chuckled cutely. She walked over to the console box with the button thingy and pressed the button. “Oh-woooah, what’s this?”

“no” the console said

Tia stares at the console for a moment, then hits it really hard.

oof” said the console.

The screen flashed with a mission, because it was MISSOIN TIME!

“It’s mission tiem!” said tia grinning.

“Um, well, alright, then,” Charlie moued.

YAY!” Tia screamed, grabbing charlie ina headlock and givine hshe a noogie, before draggin them threw the portal. “Wait what about disguises?,” Charlie said. “Dont worry we don;t need them!” tia said confidently.

“Oh gods please help” Charlie muttered

“Whee heeee!” tia smirked, before looking around at the small alley they landed in. “ this’ll be SUCHa fUN mision!”

“what communism even is this,” charlie said/

“twikimds!” Tia said helpfully.

“I’m sorry what?”

“C’mon, baka, get with the progrem!” tia wagged her ice wolf tail. “Anyways, we gotta look for the sue!”

“couldnt’ we just look at the wOrds for that-” Charlie started, but hishe was cutoff.

“lets a GO!” tia screamed, and grabbing charlie’s by the tail, she, ran out of the alley to find the Sue.



AUTOR NOTE: thanks Forreaeding! I hope you rlidlked this and I hope this gets the LUV it deserves i worked SO HARD on this!!!!!!


((actual author’s note: here we go))

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