Posted on: 2020-09-09 22:12:41 UTC

((Just to let you know, there's a physical description that may be considered mild NSFW.))


One day Chelsea and lemon were doing stuff like video games and stuff

then the door nocked.

“Who is it?” asked the lemon

“it mucht be foods”

theny they opened to door and find sparkly kirakira gf girl. she was as spatrly as the sun and stars and her eyes were topaz and she wore a tank top and shorts except spacey like and cooler and it was pink and purple and the tupe top showed her cleavage and the boots were up to her knes where the edge touch the shorts and her gloves went up to her shouldser except not really and her har was red and rainbowlike and stuff

“AADHAFLF a MARy Suee” then chelsea pulled a gun from nowhere and then lemmon summoned her shoadow clone jutu and then te sparkle girl was like “NOOOOOOO wait then they stopped and then the new girl wa like, “I’m May Ruse, the hedgehog

“why didn’t you say tou were a hedgehojh”

“BEU cause you have eyes”


“I’m a pargody Sue so tha means i gft to live and sunt stues”

ok cool”

then they agents did stuff


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