Subject: O'Ryan's Love pt.1
Posted on: 2020-09-12 03:07:38 UTC

((Watch me fudge up everything.))

So o'ryan keys decided to wakl down teh hallwy, where he sawd the prettiest man evr.

His name was Jack.

Jack was vry hand some. He hd black like a raven black hiar (lik a blck cat) with sparking ble eyes dat lked lik the ski. Hi sin was plae whit with red freckes across the brige of his Nas 0e and he had the sweetest smil, lik faek w0sweet. He had one a ble tshirt that mathed his i's

Oryan was smittin.

Then, thy kised.

He sad, "Bed" oryan sid "yee!" and tehy made it into his RC center's bed.


A/N: Hop u enjyed mai fic. Jak is mine, O'ryan is Kitty's. Plz rat. Negtive stuf usd for papper airplans.


((Edit because my name reverted. Oops.))

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