Subject: Expanding on the context:
Posted on: 2022-01-10 06:44:26 UTC

A few of the rule breaks and general disregard for decency are as follows, in no particular order:

  • One of the first posts they made was fishing for a fight over politics, including subsequent statements of endorsing polarizing figures/corporations and general disregard for the well being of others for the same.

  • Not reading the rules and, after being confronted over this after it was specifically brought to their attention multiple times, waving off their behavior off as [misquoted] "not trying to offend".

  • Posting an uncensored screencap of the blacklist in #general_chat after being told to read the rules.

  • Catalyzing a roleplay with a newbie (who genuinely seems new to the internet and has made their own mostly unrelated egregious stumbles tonight) that could be categorized less as a roleplay and more as an attempt to murder the English language. This is also, to my understanding, the "fanfiction" they mentioned in their post here.

I would have put direct quotes in this but the mods have scoured every single message Dachaefill posted in the server. That's how bad it was.

(Also, and this is a personal response to the post that started this thread here on the board: don't try to scapegoat what you've done tonight on neurodivergence. This community has many neurodivergent people in it of all stripes and we don't screw up so badly our posting history gets nuked within hours of our arrival.)

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