Subject: As far as I can tell/remember, every item currently on the blacklist . . . (mention of bl1 inside)
Posted on: 2022-01-10 20:45:53 UTC

is either a flat-out PTSD/lived trauma trigger, or a major source of anxiety. And thanks to the difference in brain chemistry between individual people, those of us who don't suffer from a given trigger shouldn't assume that anyone who does is necessarily able to learn coping strategies to overcome that trigger, though that's certainly something to hope for. All we can do is support our friends and keep them from having bad flashbacks as best as possible.

To move away from this community for a moment, I have one real life friend, a long-time school friend, who I still see at least monthly, and is in his thirties, like me. For this man, the topics of heart attacks/surgery, suicide, and bank robberies are off the table, and he also has to avoid cigarette smoke because of a particular bad event in which that smell recurred. Will he ever get over these triggers? I don't know, and I love him either way. I'll happily dodge those topics for the rest of our lives, if need be. I care more about not hurting him than I do about my freedom of topic discussion.


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