Subject: I understand what you're saying.
Posted on: 2022-01-10 22:20:10 UTC

As I said before, I will continue to follow the blacklist regardless of my personal opinions.

I will do that because, as a long-time community member who has seen many, many people come and go, I consider my duty to the group first, the individuals second. I've seen wonderful people with legitimate trauma who I'm happy to support, but I've also seen narcissistic emotional vampires who would have sucked the life out of us as long as we put up with it, and they're rarely obvious at first glance. As in real life, there must be a balance between responsibility to the individual and responsibility to the group.

I'm challenging BL2 to verify that it is adequately protecting an individual while not causing significant avoidable confusion and frustration to the group.

The thing is, interacting on the level of a club is not the same as interacting on the level of your close, personal friends. Not everyone in a group like this can be close, personal friends with everyone else or give the top level of priority to every possible issue. In my view, helping us keep track of what issues to give priority is what the blacklist is for, and those of us participating in good faith will do our best, but there are limits.

Furthermore, relating to the discussion of Harry Potter and that one Marvel character with the fancy hat: if (and I do mean "if"; I'm questioning, not stating) this fanfic group's ability to have on-topic conversations about big fandoms is significantly hampered by fear we'll say something wrong without knowing it, I think that's a sign we're out of balance and need to stop and assess ourselves. But determining if (again, really "if") that's the case would require feedback from lots of people. So I guess we'll see whether and what more feedback turns up.


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