Subject: Blacklist Only Response
Posted on: 2022-01-10 17:04:37 UTC

So. I'm not getting in on any part of this but the Blacklist, save to say that no, I never saw any request for an explanation of any part of the rules or really any evidence of them having been read, save for a screenshot of the unspoilered blacklist a couple minutes before being banned, in the middle of everyone yelling for them to shut up and leave.

The PPC Blacklist, I've discovered, is a very weird beast. Most servers with blacklists use them to detail what things cannot be brought up in the server at all, and those that allow them when spoilered and tagged or put in a certain channel (or both) don't use any kind of numbering system. For example, if someone wanted to post a BL9 picture, they would have to tag it as "destructive fire" or "burn injury". This makes a lot of sense, since in most places, no one can actually remember everyone's problem subjects. But we are small, and we are strange, and we are very bad about actually formalizing our social rules. (Did you know we've soft-listed Harry Potter? Most people don't, and there's no way to check.)

So, no, I can't say I personally blame a newbie for not knowing to not talk about this Pickle Rick thing, strictly speaking. But I think that if someone does sit down and try to understand the Blacklist, it wouldn't really be a difficult conclusion - any more than, say, VeggieTales.

BL2 is, in the Intro and Rules channel, worded as: "References to people or animals being food and/or preyed upon, as well as food being presented in the shape of people or animals, or being self-aware". Maybe I've been here long enough to learn all the ins and outs, but in my eyes, food that is capable of intelligent speech that responds to other individuals speaking is almost certainly self-aware. My proposed change to make this clearer is adding or changing it to conscious, because that's much harder to mistake for something else and definitely closer to the real line.

The point of BL2 is a little hard to pin down in a concise manner, and it doesn't make sense to a lot of people. Gingerbread men, for example, are a fun holiday tradition - but serve to deeply upset multiple community members. Why? It doesn't really matter, in my book. If it hurts people, they should be able to avoid it. That's why our blacklist policy isn't "you can't do this at all"; it's "you have to warn people and give them a chance to not see it".

(On a more personal note, Nesh, I was definitely the one who got onto you for posting food outside the Foodstuffs channel, and that was out of line. I'm sorry. Nine times out of ten, that shouldn't be a problem.)

But yeah. No explanation was asked for, but neither did it seem like an explanation would have helped. If someone hasn't read the rules in the first place, going into the details of them won't do a ton of good; it's usually just a confusing back-and-forth.

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