Subject: Explaining both, bl2 inside.
Posted on: 2022-01-10 20:30:47 UTC

To start with the Potterverse thing, one of the trans women among our number is uncomfortable with engaging with that canon, due to the knowledge that its author wants people like her not to exist. That series basically represents hate to her, at this point.

And blacklist 2: the individual who requested this item grew up having regularly recurring nightmares about getting caught and eaten by monsters, leading to a general fear of getting eaten alive. This fear can get triggered not just by mentioning people getting eaten, but also animals getting eaten, and also anthropomorphized food/beings sapient beings made of food, including this Pickle!Rick nonsense.

Obviously not giving names, purely to avoid leaving a record for trolls to find and turn into targeted bullying.

—doctorlit, hopefully not overstepping anyone's privacy while also providing clarity?

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