Subject: on soft-listing of harry potter
Posted on: 2022-01-10 20:37:49 UTC

so this topic is a whole mess. the person who asked said they'd be ok not interacting with ppc stuff if it didn't make sense for blacklist, the discord mods were generally of the opinion that it didn't make sense to blacklist it, numerous suggestions other than the blacklist were proposed, the conversation dropped off as discord conversations are wont to do with no conclusion reached. well-meaning ppcers have been asking people to spoiler related topics out of concern, which is why Cal coined the term "soft-listed". it's not actually on the blacklist but people are asking others to almost treat it as if it was.

to further complicate things, the person later clarified it isn't all discussion of hp they wanted hidden/expected to be hidden. however no one is exactly sure what they meant. so there's no official policy, not a lot of clarity on what the specific problem is, and the person in question hasn't been spending a lot of time in any ppc spaces as they are, to an extent, just sort of drifting away from the community as sometimes happens. (trying not to get into too many specifics to not make things awkward, I worry I'd seem like I was talking behind someone's back)

the topic should probably have been moved to the board. I considered bringing it up but... would have felt weird making a post about an issue someone else was having, when I couldn't even tell if they wanted to be part of the ppc anymore.

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