Subject: My case for Why.
Posted on: 2022-01-10 18:33:27 UTC

> Why? It doesn't really matter, in my book.

I believe it matters because knowing the reason behind a rule helps me to understand the nuances of it, and it helps me to know that it's a real issue (e.g. due to an uncommon eating disorder, perhaps?) and not just someone making the world tiptoe around them instead of learning to, e.g., separate a childhood fantasy* from reality. It's how my brain works: I respect rules more when I understand them, less when I don't. I'm certain it's not just me, too.

* I say this because I definitely played pretend with my food as a kid, and I can imagine that fantasy getting stuck and causing distress, but I would expect it to be dealt with via either growing out of it or therapy. Since I don't know the real reason, I can only speculate within my own experience. I don't mean to demand that anyone discuss their sensitive issues in public, but I do want to be clear that I'm open to my experience and understanding being expanded with more information, and it would probably help more people besides me.

Regarding nuance: IMO, the nuance of a human being temporarily transformed into a pickle (as happens in the Rick and Morty episode) is distinct from the nuance of food being presented with human-like features or awareness (as the rule is worded). Is that not valid?

I also saw someone asking if they could RP as a character with "Gourd" as part of their name. I wasn't sure what the answer to that question was. Can we clear that up?

> Did you know we've soft-listed Harry Potter? Most people don't, and there's no way to check.

I actually just heard about this, and I'm baffled. Y'all are really being asked not to talk about anything Harry Potter-related without censoring it now? I'm 100% behind no longer supporting JKR and her big F.A.R.T. behavior (will not be going to see the next movie in theaters), but in a community based on fanfiction, it seems unreasonable to avoid discussion of an enormous fandom that, whatever BS the author does now, still had a positive impact on a lot of people here and elsewhere.


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