Subject: On soft-listing...
Posted on: 2022-01-10 21:39:04 UTC

> it's not actually on the blacklist but people are asking others to almost treat it as if it was.

...which occurs in at least one other situation, with me specifically, regarding a norse god (a rather popular one, typically the bad guy). I gave the reason why his name should be spoilered is because he's bad luck for my religion, being too... ashamed? I guess? to truely say that his name is a trigger for me due to my mother's horror stories about saying his name and me assocating myself with him at particular moments in my life that I'd rather not talk about. It gives me flashback, similar to bl9 for me.

The reason why I bring this up is because I just wanted to mention that there is at least one other thing soft-listed with a semi-active member who wants to be a part of the PPC, so this isn't necessarily a one-time thing. It's happened at least one other time.


Edit: The reasons why I didn't have it added to the blacklist is because I am one person who has this trigger and he is a canon character from a really popular canon. I didn't want to block people from sporking it in #badfic.

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