Subject: Things definitely got a bit complicated and unpleasant fast.
Posted on: 2022-01-10 20:29:33 UTC

To my understanding, the question of understanding BL2 or explaining the rules did not really come up, because the person in question said extremely controversial things in different ways in different channels at once. Piecing things together after the fact has been difficult because the messages pretty much got nuked, but from my interpretation, they. -posted the entire blacklist unspoilered and repeatedly said things that hit BL2 in general -made inflammatory political comments in another channel -in a third channel yet, rped with another newbie in a way that, from context, was both sexually explicit and possibly noncon?

So the reason BL2 wasn't really explained to them is that people rapidly came to the conclusion that they weren't acting in good faith. As I wasn't there, I can't say if this was rightly or wrongly, but from what I pieced together, especially in the roleplay thread, they were repeatedly told to stop both out and in character.

However, I don't think it's entirely wrong to point out that BL2 is a confusing topic. In general, my experience on the Discord is that the topic does not come up infrequently. Someone will say/show something they didn't realize was BL2, have it Xed, and either they'll see it and spoiler it or a mod will take it down if they're offline at the time. Generally, it hasn't been a problem.

Tonight, however, there was a pretty confused newbie who didn't have that time and experience learning things, a lot of other stressful things (two newbies were banned for trolling, one the person in this thread, the other claiming that they were there to "call out" a recent newbie, because they'd been looking over at someone else's screen, seen them checking out the PPC, and came to ask us... why we like fanfic in an aggressive manner) and the mods were also not able to respond immediately.

In general, tagging BL2 usually works okay, as both people assuming good faith and a mod dealing with an individual post if it crops up hasn't been a problem. In this case, the questions of "wait is this ok or not" got buried. The main problem with BL2 in this case, as I see it, is the blacklist's nature as a rule. The rule isn't "don't talk about stuff," it's asking to spoiler certain information. Because it's a communal agreement about a personal request rather than a hard and fast rule, since it concerns triggers that seem innocuous to most as well as things generally considered heavy, it's difficult for anyone except the person in question to say whether or not something hits a blacklist topic. Which means, generally, if that person is offline, it gets buried and becomes confusing because no one can answer that.

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