Subject: My personal take on the blacklist (JIC, expect ALL of the Blacklist content mentioned here)
Posted on: 2022-01-10 17:18:55 UTC

In general, I think the blacklist is a good idea; after all, most of us - if not all - have themes and topics that may not only bring us heavy discomfort but an actual trigger (not talking about mild annoyance or unwillingness to debate subject, but actual psychological shutdown response). And that's fine. Do I personally think we shouldn't skip/spoiler those subjects? Yes. Hiding in a safety bubble can only be good for a certain period of time.

As per the taboo in question - sentient food/food shown as animals/saying things like "invite [food] to the party ... I just don't understand it and probably never will. But I don't have to, and I don't try to understand it; just respect it. On the other hand, I'm afraid the situation might evolve into an excuse to not speak on sujects generally viewed as harmless, just because one person doesn't want to hear it, instead of just not participating. I do not wish to call out people or say that these particular topics are not valid to be on the blacklist, so I'll use myself as an example: a lot of people in the Discord server likes frogs and toads. I personally can't stand the sight of them. I'm scared of them, because they can stand still and then suddenly be very jumpy and unpredictable. So if somebody happen to post a frog picture, I'll just comment "eugh, froggo" and leave the channel for some time to not look at it/hear about it (animated/not-real frogs are fine though). I'm not gonna ask to put it on the Blacklist, because I find it too silly to bother others with. Same thing with death - I am severely thanatophobic and the thought about my own inevitable death always comes with the worse attack of panic. But there's another twist - fictional deaths are fine, same with deaths happening to people far from me/unknown to me personally. So I'm not asking for that to go on the blacklist. Alcohol is another thing: my father is an alcoholic, and alcohol is the reason my family's broken. But when people say they're drunk, or we joke around it, I will not say "stop talking about it" because I know it's my problem and not everyone is like my dad. It wouldn't be fair to the others.

So, yeah. I support the idea of the blacklist for heavy and controversial subjects (although I still think they should be discussed), but I'm afraid we might not be able to find a limit to it.

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