Subject: Hello! I have been alerted to this and figured I ought to clear up some stuff
Posted on: 2022-01-11 13:18:52 UTC

I uh. Haven't even gone by Larfen in a while. Good grief it's been a minute. I've sort of drifted out of PPC (I'm sure youse've noticed) for a variety of reasons, foremost of which being that I haven't actually had any interest in writing in the setting for a while and have just kinda. Generally drifted off, as it were. It happens! I've been hoping to still stick casually around the Discord server a little but, ah, we'll see.

Alright, so, I am very sorry for the confusion I've caused in regards to that Harry Potter crap. I really regret bringing it up in the first place! I hate Harry Potter very very much. It represents hate to me, and also infuriating apathy. It's upsetting to me that there are people out there who sincerely prioritise their nostalgia for a piece of media (important to them as it may be) over the safety of real trans women who are being really, in real life, affected by JKR's money and influence. I see people debating this stuff all the time and the entire thing just suggests to me a certain lack of importance attributed to the safety and rights of trans women in like, wider culture. Like it isn't being taken as seriously as I wish it was.

And this is not to say its friggin, 'problematic' to read Harry Potter or to remain fond of it, or that by abstaining from it you are somehow physically making the world safer for trans women, but it's just... representative of a disturbing trend? That it's such a big deal is signifier of something deeper and more concerning? Something like that. I feel I must emphasise that I don't think you're like a bad person if you still like Harry Potter and still read it or whatever. It's all just, in a holistic sense, sort of disturbing, if you know what I mean?

I don't intend for this to come off as like, accusatory or anything by the way; this community has always been a genuinely trans-friendly space, no bullcrap, no posturing, so on. It's just, that's what seeing it reminds me of, you know? It isn't a good vibe, it doesn't make me feel good, and I really don't want to end up, like, being rude to someone just because they posted some Harry Potter meme they found.

It's obviously not practical to blacklist something like Harry Potter at all and that, of course, I can't expect everyone to stop talking about it just because I hate it real bad. It's plain not something the blacklist is designed for. I wasn't thinking straight when I requested it and I hadn't really come to terms with my drifting away from the community at the time. Just a case of me simply not matching with the community culture, and not really something that's fair of me to expect out of the community. My apologies for that, I really didn't think it'd be, like, a whole thing! Apologies, also, for the lack of communication on my part as a whole.

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